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Addiction treatment starts with the realization that you or a loved one requires help. At first, seeking help can seem like an extremely difficult and overwhelming task. Once you decide to take the first step towards making a monumental change in life, it is never simple. The long-term reward is worth it. We will provide effective support and resources, which will truly assist you in breaking free from the heavy shackles of addiction.

The key to receiving addiction treatment is attending a top-notch and accredited detox center such as Path to Recovery. It’s important to understand that addiction expands far more than simply the physical component. It affects various individuals from the inside out. One of our main priorities will be to target addiction along with any underlying emotional and mental roots that have been attributed to it in the first place.

Most Common Drugs Abused in Los Angeles

Addiction and substance abuse present to be a nationwide issue but in particular areas of the country, specific drug patterns and trends have been shown. The 2019 Los Angeles County Sentimental Community Site (SCS) Drug Use Patterns and Trends Report showcases the most current drug use statistics in Los Angeles County. Dr. Mary-Lynn Brecht of ULCA drafted the report, which was funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) combined with the Center for Substance Abuse Research.


Meth is one of the most pressing substances of concern in LA County. Almost about half of individuals who have died of toxic substances tested positive for meth in LA County. According to a report in 2008, meth accounts for almost 33% of treatment admissions.

Prescription Opioids

Prescription opioid abuse is the second most concerning issue in LA County. Prescriptions can include synthetics, opioids, and drugs such as OxyContin or oxycodone. In a study from Poison Control in 2008, data showed that 13.1% of all the calls were related to illicit substances due to prescription opioid abuse.

The percentage is referring to all the illicit substances combined resulting in 14.4%. Fentanyl has also increased according to the data in previous years in LA County.


While prescription opioids and meth are the most concerning drugs abused in LA County overall, marijuana is the most concerning substance among teenagers abuse in LA County.


There were 4,163 Poison Control reports made in 2018 resulting in 14.4% of illicit drugs being marijuana. About 26.1% of the calls were referring to benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines can include sedatives/hypnotics, barbiturates, and tranquilizers. Many calls increased regarding heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine in 2018.

Drug Overdose In Los Angeles

According to federal data, drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming over 90,000 lives around the country last year. In California, the most dramatic step to take regarding drug overdose in Los Angeles would be for health and government officials to pursue the philosophy of harm reduction. Harm reduction seeks practical ways to reduce the harmful effects of drug use.

Los Angeles Rehab Programs

Depending on your specific needs, we will assist you in determining what level of care will best suit you.


Generally, the first step of our treatment program is medical detox for recovering individuals. Detoxification, also known as detox, is the process your body undergoes as it rids itself of any toxic chemicals acquired through substance use. Our on-site medical team will assist you in reducing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

The benefits of having a detox performed at our detox center in California is the following:

  • Setting the foundation for the core component of treatment to begin
  • Lessening discomfort and pain from withdrawal symptoms
  • Promptly treating any medical issues that might occur

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program is designed to help each client with their health and overall well-being. Clients are expected to attend 6 hours of mental health and substance use groups a day aimed to assist in understanding the disease of addiction and ultimately themselves. We offer a variety of settings to meet the diverse needs of every client.

For individuals who prefer a more quiet and peaceful environment, they will be able to enjoy the serenity of our semi-private rooms which are decorated for comfort with nearby help. There are interactive social rooms for individuals to enjoy relaxed seating puzzles. For individuals who thrive on competition, there is an assortment of video games, board games, cards, and a game console. Last but not least, for those who prefer the outdoors, we offer a quiet outdoor sanctuary with lush surroundings and comfortable seating.

You Can Find Help In Los Angeles

Our team aims to provide you with a customized treatment plan that will help you benefit from the programs that we offer. Tailoring treatment is extremely paramount for this reason. We understand and honor that everyone’s journey is unique to addiction recovery.

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